About Indeavr

To look beyond horizons, to explore the unseen, to endeavor still further and to achieve. That is the purpose of INDEAVR.

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INDEAVR is a business and technology services company. We assist businesses in enhancing revenue, streamlining sales, reducing costs, and improving customer acquisition and retention. For the past decade, INDEAVR has enabled clients to meet milestones, optimize operational performance, achieve and sustain corporate excellence, and effectively manage people, processes, and technology.

Our Strategy, Digital, Technology and Smartsourcing teams work in close cooperation to deliver a holistic service focused on achieving the client’s vision and strategic goals.

INDEAVR’s thorough research on the “genome” of high achieving companies is our innovation engine for building critical skills, developing our knowledge, and strategically partnering with our clients.

Core Values

  • Promise Respect

    Promise Respect

    With positive feeling of esteem or deference for a person or partner we treat one another with respect and take pride in the significant contributions that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas.

  • Defend Integrity

    Defend Integrity

    We always strive to do the right thing and follow the concept of consistency of actions, ethics, approaches, measures, principles, expectations and results.

  • Activate Leadership

    Activate Leadership

    Leadership in our business is defined by bravery to inspire businesses as well as individuals to achieve a shared goal.

  • Nourish Collaboration

    Nourish Collaboration

    We nourish an environment that encourages both humility and knowledge sharing. To be generous and offer assistance as well as to be humble and ask for help empowers collaboration and drives strong teams.

  • Inspire Innovation

    Inspire Innovation

    We believe that the courage to embrace risk and invest time, emotions and efforts in our dreams and curiosity will impact our life for good.

  • Support Tallent

    Support Tallent

    We are always in search for creative and passionate people with the combination of a sharp strategic mind, emotional maturity, entrepreneurial instincts, and the ability to deliver results.

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