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The digital future brings a whole new way of working and a new, cloud-dominated business world. A recent research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services shows that 71% of the companies expect cloud to reduce complexity in their business. For the 67% cloud computing saves money but that’s not the main reason for adopting it.

While cloud can help companies operate more efficiently, the real benefit comes from being able to capitalize on new opportunities more quickly than competitors. The greatest business values already seen from current cloud deployments, are the simplification of internal operations, better delivery of internal resources, new ways for employees to work, connect and collaborate, improved ability to acquire, share, analyze and act on data and faster rollout of new business initiatives.

Adoption of cloud computing is widespread among organizations. When it is planned purposefully and in accordance with company’s digital strategy, the cloud doesn’t compromise security. Whether it is private or hybrid, the main use of cloud is to create a more flexible, scalable infrastructure – for internal IT operations and to allow easier connections (and in more significant ways) with external partners, suppliers, and customers.

INDEAVR Cloud Services team covers the following areas of expertise:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Application and Platform Services
  • Cloud-based Software Services
  • Cloud Security

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