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Mobile devices have dramatically changed the online landscape: in 2015 more than 50% of all Internet access occurred via handhelds and about 45% of mobile owners used their devices to download apps.[*]


Mobile apps provide informative tips, educational opportunities, pure entertainment, and gaming, but the user experience on a mobile device is different from the user experience at a computer. Mobile marketing requires matching advertisements to the device's smaller screen size; designing short, instantly understood messages; and creating a call to action with minimal steps.


Many companies are using mobile apps to boost brand awareness and affinity; successful apps are useful, valuable, and most importantly, functional. Mobile marketing is a distinct way to create interactive dialogues with customers. A mobile-friendly website is a good start, but a mobile app with targeted notifications to customers can be ten times more effective than email.


Companies are moving aggressively to adopt mobile technologies and applications. Partnering with the INDEAVR Digital Services team enables high-achieving companies to take full advantage of mobile apps. Indeavr engineers will contribute their expertise to the rollout of mobile capabilities, the specification of formal metrics to measure effectiveness, and strategies for funding mobile development.



[*] Data from a survey conducted by telecommunications equipment vendor Ericsson

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