Turn process outsourcing into an opportunity for business improvement across the board

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A few years ago, the main argument for establishing managed-services or outsourcing partnerships was lower costs, achieved through the providers’ skills and the quality of services they offered.

The recent years of economic contraction have resulted in a shortage of skills and the need to improve service. Companies are looking beyond low-cost operations and are focusing on organizing business processes to deliver outstanding operational results.

Smartsourcing services allow high-achieving companies to enhance business value by having experienced service providers manage resource-intensive operations.

The effectiveness of business process management can be measured by its contribution to overall business success.

As a service provider, INDEAVR frequently encounters the key question of whether a smartsourcing will result in measurable business value.

The INDEAVR team can demonstrate quantifiable gains in values for companies while managing costs, time, and risk.

Clients choose INDEAVR’s smartsourcing services when they need support during major organizational changes, because our culture is one of competence, persistence, and concentration.

INDEAVR focuses on improving business process organization to take a company’s operations to the next level, linking operational results to strategic business outcomes.

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