Application Management Services

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Business no longer considers Application Management Services as a tactic to reduce IT costs. The strategic approach to outsourcing as a whole, and to Application Management in particular is consistent with the drive to speed up the deployment of competitive advantage while introducing new solutions and technologies.


Given its planned value, it is good for the management to understand and consider the options, benefits, and potential risks associated with application outsourcing.


Application Management is responsible for managing operational applications throughout their lifecycle. Application Management also plays important role in design, testing and improvement of applications that form part of IT services and as such, it may be involved in development projects.


INDEAVR well-structured Application Management Services delivery method makes us responsible not only for a defined package of services, but for the delivery of business value from those services.


This way of delivery ensures measuring and evaluating the services' business value, not just activities performed. As a result, metrics demonstrating continuous improvement and business value are the key component of our application outsourcing agreements.


Find out more about INDEAVR Application Management Services and the way they are expected to support the clients' business processes through identifying functional and manageability requirements for application software, and then to assist in the ongoing support and improvement of those applications.

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