IT Operations Transformation

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The shift from IT value capture to value creation has changed the way corporations organize IT.


Managing IT operations means adjusting to cost-control targets while trying to deliver better results to support the business. Greater IT costs or reduced speed and capabilities could result from inefficient or duplicate processes.


As a viable and secure platform for IT service delivery, cloud computing enables faster, more responsive, and cost-effective IT operations. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and service-oriented architectures support companies’ initiatives on processing power, storage capacity, and IT flexibility.


INDEAVR's IT Operations Services are vendor and tool neutral:

  • Map out legacy operational processes and eliminate single points-of-failure
  • Identify areas for improvement and create new, consolidated operations that will ensure that the IT infrastructure and application services can be managed for maximum performance
  • Transform legacy IT operations into a streamlined, efficient IT environment
  • Draft organizational models and processes to create resourceful, capable IT-service organizations

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