Remote Infrastructure Managed Services

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For the last five years, enterprises have scaled their IT infrastructure to support business growth and remain competitive.


The management of global networks, databases, and applications has become an extraordinary task for IT departments, which must ensure the performance of critical IT services and address the root cause of a disruption before users encounter unavailable service.


INDEAVR's Remote Infrastructure Managed Services (RIMS) provide visibility through timely reporting, real-time control, analysis of trends, business continuity, minimized downtime, and data security.


INDEAVR's RIMS absorb the peaks and troughs of clients' workforce needs with automation and a common operations framework.

INDEAVR's RIMS team utilizes a process-based approach to guarantee adherence to standards and security controls.


Find out more about INDEAVR's RIMS and how the service will relieve clients of day-to-day tactical responsibilities. 

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