Advanced Analytics

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Identifying and pinpointing potential business success, failures and performance issues has long been a matter of analysis and educated guesswork. An emerging generation of advanced analytics tools promises to bring greater accuracy to forecasts, allowing business leaders to address and remedy specific issues before they can even begin affecting operations.

Advanced analytics could be a game-changer, giving high achievers the ability to go beyond traditional business intelligence and discover deeper insights, make predictions and generate recommendations.

INDEAVR’s expertise in employing these practices ensures new revenue opportunities, increase operational efficiencies, manage risks, and improve employee engagement. Furthermore, the advanced analytics experience of INDEAVR’s data scientists allows our clients to capture the patterns, trends, outliers, and opportunities within their data.

As part of an overall company analytics arsenal, advanced analytics allows visibility that facilitates enterprises to predict what processes, performance and quality should look like. In turn, this helps executives recognize anomalous behavior, prepare for and execute transformation.

The best way to get started is to identify and understand patterns of behavior across business that should set the foundation for applying advanced analytics. Teaming up with us, our clients turn the advanced analytics projects into a worthwhile effort that drive optimal, faster and smarter business decisions. In addition to continuous learning process that improves business performance beyond what would be possible using static indicators, the benefits for our clients, realized while collaborating with INDEAVR, cover:

  • 360° customer view and assessment of the effectiveness of promotional events and campaigns ;
  • well analyzed customer potential and prediction which offers are most appropriate;
  • recognized customer behavior/ customer journey and determine which products to stock or how to package services;
  • proper categorization of communication channels and understanding where and how to build brand loyalty;

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