Business Process Reengineering

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The ultimate question for business today, regardless of the specific industry, is how to deliver exceptional value through processes that ensure “win-win” outcomes for both companies and the customers they serve. Rethinking existing processes is an integral part of the answer.

Business Process Reengineering could be a dramatic yet required change initiative for ambitious executives. With the purpose of substantially improving performance on key processes which have an impact on customers, companies implement initiatives which involve refocusing company values on consumer needs, redesigning core processes, and using data and technology to create value for the customer.

INDEAVR experts facilitate client's Business Process Reengineering projects starting with the prioritization of key processes and developing a view of their current state. Then recommendations are built, using detailed process maps (based on clients’ operational data), followed by an analysis identifying major gaps. The project continues with the solution generation phase when our team usually works together with a cross-functional client team to create a vision of the future state of each process from the ground up, along with the roadmap to achieve the near and long term results.

In addition to ensuring the integrity of the processes, working with INDEAVR in this type of projects allows our clients to:

  • Change the business operational model at a rate, cost, quality and predictability consistent with strategic needs.
  • Monitor real-time business events using new combinations of information technology.
  • Provide corrective actions or organizational change as an enabler for sustaining business outcomes.
  • Optimize business performance based on well-defined points of agility.
  • Holistically use IT and business operational change as an enabler.
  • Achieve better business outcomes from data and processes in the business. Improve decision-making through real-time insight.

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